Salads for you! Try these today!

One of the simplest places to start when attempting to eat healthier is by adding salads to your regular mealtimes.

For some people, salads may sound tasteless and unappetizing. But the salad restaurants on our list below combine distinctive, unique, and fresh ingredients to make salads a satisfying, interesting, and delightful meal!

Let’s dig in!


At Kneaders, you can get some of the best salads in the United States. Their salad options include Turkey Bacon Avocado, Turkey Cranberry Sunflower, Southwest BBQ Chicken, Chicken Raspberry Nut, Green Avocado, Chicken Ala Mondo and Thai Chicken.

Salads and soups enhance and magnify your lunch experience. Many sandwich selections, such the Provolone Muenster Cheese Melt, Turkey Cranberry Croissant, and Turkey Artichoke, taste better than those at other cafes.

Not only these, you’ll get a great dining experience over there at Kneaders. It’s one of the best restaurants in America that you should never miss!

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Firehouse Subs

One of the best subway sandwiches in America, Firehouse Subs is not only famous for its sandwiches but also for its healthy and delectable salads.

Firehouse Subs does not have so many salad options on its menu, but the Italian with Grilled Chicken Salad, Firehouse Salad and Hook & Ladder Salad are all top notch salads.

All their salads contain low calories and are quite healthy too. 

Firehouse Subs also offers hot specialty subs, kids menu, extras and more.

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One of the best chopped salad chains in America is Chopt, which is likely the most well-known. Five different lettuce varieties are available for creating your own salad, and there are more than 50 additional options, such as kelp noodles, Niman Ranch bacon, gold and purple beets, raw seed blend, and rainbow carrots. 

You receive one mezzaluna-chopped leaf of lettuce and one dressing with the first four add-ons, which are free. There are numerous Chopt locations in New York City and Washington, D.C., as well as two in Charlotte, and it’s a lovely touch that the network identifies all of its suppliers and purveyors on its website. 

There are 18 pre-made salads available, one of which is called “Destination” which is the crowd favorite!


From the menu to the interior design, sustainability is emphasized at Sweetgreen. Food is made freshly, using seasonal ingredients that are acquired from reliable farms. Salads and grain bowls can be made to order. 

In all actuality, Sweetgreen is your new best buddy if you’re trying to eat cleanly and healthily. 

While there are many pre-made salads and bowls available, you can also create your own using ingredients that are locally sourced (when in season), such as organic quinoa and farro, shredded kale, arugula and broccoli leaf mix, raw beets, shredded cabbage, basil, chickpeas, and roasted sweet potatoes.

Salad works

Salad Works is a staple in the world of salad for lunch. When it first opened in a mall in 1986, it soon outsold the burger and pizza restaurants nearby. Today, it has more than 100 outlets across 14 states. 

There are 15 salads that have already been created (including Buffalo Bleu, Mandarin Chicken, Cobb, Nicoise, and Thai Chicken). For the $8.69 build-your-own pricing, which includes five toppings and four lettuce varieties (plus spaghetti), you can create your own masterpiece; each additional item is $0.99.